Navigating your communication services shouldn’t be difficult. Our competitors make it that way.

Whether you're running a business or a household, you can't afford to waste time. You shouldn't have to spend the time to navigate a telecom phone "support" system. When you need to make changes to your system you shouldn't have to wait them. When there's a problem they shouldn't make you chase it down. You are their customer. We understand. At WCTel every client has a personal agent, the very agent who worked with you in the first place. The agent who earned your business is the same one responsible for keeping it. With West Coast Telecom you will always have a real, local person with a name and a direct phone number to reach. That is real service. Service you can count on. We make a commitment to our clients. We will provide you with a product that is superior to your current provider. We make it simple. We offer two things two you.

Superior Quality

Personal service

Frequently Asked Questions

We use the identical infrastructure systems currently in place all over the country. The infrastructure that connects you currently to your services is called the "Last Mile". Whether its your phone, your internet, or your TV it runs over the Last Mile at some point. We purchase long-term rights to use the Last Mile and provide our services over them.

Contracts are everywhere. Choice is rare.Depending on your needs we offer everything from month-to-month renewing contract or signing up for years at a time. Unlike the large telecoms we will be transparent with you about the costs and benefits. It is your choice to make.

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