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We've enjoyed working with you and setting up your communication's systems and I'm confident in our ability to continue to serve you in the future. Like any company, we need to grow to stay strong.

We would like your help

Every couple months we ask all our customers to share with us the names of your professional associates, friends and colleagues who might benefit from using our services
By asking our existing customers to recommend us to potential new customers we do two things: first we're able to reduce our advertising costs and spend more on customer support, and second, we bring more people like you into our " Family" of client's, and we love that idea.

Would you be kind enough

Would you be kind enough to recommend us to two of your professional associates, friends or colleagues? Just send us their names and contact information including company name, phone number and or email, and we will reach out to them with a "no pressure” phone call or letter of introduction and give them, an overview of what we do, and what we can do for them.

To thank you, we’ll enter you into our draw for one month free service, with our compliments.

Thank you for being a loyal customer and thank you for helping us grow our community of like-minded caring companies..

Best Regards, Ken Newbatt

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