Referal Flyer

Become a WCTel Business referral partner, and earn a 30% referral fee for every new customer.
Refer others to West Coast Telecom, and when they become customers, earn up to $1000.

Refer friends and colleagues to wctel

Referring customers is fast and easy. Simply refer your professional associates, friends and colleagues to WCTel. And we'll do everything we can to help them unify their communications, and if we're successful, you will earn money when they become a WCTel customer. The more potential customers you refer, the more potential money in your pocket.

Referral form steps

After we sign up your associate, friend or colleague and they remain a customer for a minimum of 2 months you will receive a 30% referral fee up to $1000.00. On there overall reoccurring monthly invoice.
Send Email to with the following information. Or call us directly from Canada at 604-424-9928 or from the U.S.A at 360-229-7166.
Please provide your professional associates, friends and colleagues, Full name, Company name, contact phone number email address and some general info about their company.
We will reach out to you prior to contacting your referral to gain some more information on the contact provided.

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