Navigating your communication services shouldn’t be difficult. Our competitors make it that way.


We are a customer-oriented company that puts your needs in front of ours. We are a true partner with service you can count on. With Unified you get real support personnel that are there to answer when you have a question, there to provide a solution to any issue, and there to be your trusted support team.

On Time Delivery

We pride ourselves on watching the “Watch” you have deadlines that your customers expect. Those deadlines are ours with a sense of urgency, and attention to detail. If we fail, you fail…. We don’t fail!


Verifiable track record. We get it done when you need it done.

Personal service

Back-office support, we have put a considerable amount of time and money towards getting the right people and experience to support your efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: We've heard that switching to a VoIP System is expensive. Is it true? A: Based on your requirements, most customers find that they end up getting more features with newer technology for less than they were spending before.

Q: We're currently on a contract with a traditional phone system provider, can we switch? A: Of course, in some cases UCG may be able to offer you enough savings to buy our your current contract. Contact us today to see if you qualify for a free buyout!

Q: Our company has multiple locations with independent phone bills. Is there a way to consolidate? A: With our solution you can have all of your locations on one system and on one bill. You will also be able to call between them for free and even take handsets from one location to another.

Q: We are really interested in upgrading our phone features to better serve our customers, are all the features you have listed included? A: Yes, all of the basic features you see listed come standard.

Q: We are looking at moving locations, how will this affect our business? A: It won't. In fact once your internet is connected at your new location all you will have to do is bring your phones, plug them in, and you're done. It's that easy.

Q: We are concerned about the event of a disaster and we lose internet services. How will we operate ? A: Not only will you still be able to make calls routed through an alternative source, but you will also be able to alert your employees through their handsets that there is a potential emergency through the Emergency Notification System.

We use the identical infrastructure systems currently in place all over the country. The infrastructure that connects you currently to your services is called the "Last Mile". Whether its your phone, your internet, or your TV it runs over the Last Mile at some point. We purchase long-term rights to use the Last Mile and provide our services over them.

Contracts are everywhere. Choice is rare.Depending on your needs we offer everything from month-to-month renewing contract or signing up for years at a time. Unlike the large telecoms we will be transparent with you about the costs and benefits. It is your choice to make.