We’re different because you are different. Different from your competition, and in need of your own solutions. Solutions built just for you by a real person.

Your Internet and Phone systems should be tailored to the unique needs of your business. WCTel offers a wide range of business Internet, business phone systems " PBX" which are either cloud based or onsite hardware. To us as WCTel your communication services have to be 'reliable, productive and inexpensive'. We can deliver on all three accounts.

Our infrastructure is identical to all the major providers.

Uniquely, our personal service lets us accurately find your perfect solutions.

Most simply; Being competitive in this market allows us to offer you great pricing.

It's not complicated. It just isn't normal, yet. We can put together everything you need, from basic internet and phone for 1 - 2 users to a PBX with 1 to 2000+ users. Our service commitment will have your business handled personally by a local agent. A local agent that you will have personal access to on a direct line.


We offer Cable, DSL and Fibre. Commonly at speeds from as low as 6 Mbps to as high as 1Gbps. We don't keep you trapped with only one technology and limited options.
For business's that need extreme levels of up-time or simply more speed than your current location offers we build custom Bonded Internet Solutions. We can pull together multiple lines even over multiple infrastructures to synthesize a product for you.

Telephone & PBX

Whether it's two telephones or two thousand, our phone systems can fit your needs; everything from one line, one office system to a multiple location PBX (private branch exchange). We can work with your current hardware, install new hardware for high security applications, or run a hosted PBX complete with on the fly modifications by web browser.


Perhaps one of the most inefficient and paper wasting devices in any office is the fax machine. By using a fax to email service instead, you can save paper and money that would otherwise be spent on a dedicated fax line, fax machine, toner and paper supplies. Ask us today about getting set up with our E-Faxing solutions.